The Cadillac BIG Meet Organization Team met yesterday to discuss the situation about the 2021 meeting.
We came to the conclusion that we can go ahead with the meeting.
Covid restrictions will be eased in Austria in July for events. This makes it possible for the Cadillac BIG Meet to be held!



Due to the ongoing Covid19 crisis the Austrian government does not put out permits for all events until at least the end of August 2020. Therefore we are not allowed to have a Cadillac BIG Meet in 2020. We have postponed the event to 2021 and hope to see you all in good health in the August of 2021. Stay safe and healthy!


This is the 2021 Flyer: (The 2020 event had to be postponed due to the Corona crisis to 2021)

New video series about the Cadillac BIG Meet

In this brand new series we will introduce you to a member of the team behind this meeting every month. Check back soon for more videos!


**The History**
Georg Pfeiffer is a Cadillac collector and he is also one of the founders of the Cadillac BIG Meet - Europes biggest Cadillac Meeting. In this short documentary he tells us how the meeting came to life and what we can expect from the 2020 edition of the Cadillac BIG Meet on August 29th.
Georg Pfeiffer introduces you to the Cadillac BIG Meet and how it was founded.

Part 1

**The Cadillac BIG Meet Driving Tour.**
Christian and Christl Freudenthaler are Cadillac Collectors with a spectacular collection and they are part of the Cadillac BIG Meet organization team. They are responsible for the Driving Tour which will be held on August 28th - the day before the Cadillac BIG Meet. In this video you can find out more. The video is in German but there are subtitles available. More videos will be published each month.

Christian and Christl Freudenthaler and their Cadillac Collection. Great info about the Driving Tour.

Part 2

**Judging the cars.**
Lucky is a Cadillac collector who restores all of his Cadillacs on his own. He is part of the Cadillac BIG Meet Organization Team where he is responsible for judging cars and awarding trophies to the best Cadillacs. More than 20 trophies are waiting for the best cars in various categories. More info about the Cadillac BIG Meet can be found here:

Lucky and his 58 Eldorado Brougham among the many cars he owns.

TV Reports - Cadillac BIG Meet 2018

A couple of TV stations reported about the Cadillac BIG Meet 2018.

TV1 report

Info-TV report

LT1 report


The Cadillac BIG Meet is Europes biggest Cadillac Meeting. Its held every second year and it draws visitors from all over the world into the old Austrian city of "Kremsmünster".

The theme this year was the "1967 - 1970 Eldorados" which we featured in a special exhibition at the venue.

Weather forecast for the weekend was catastrophic after one of the driest summers we ever had. This caused some cancellations of participants and we were pretty nervous that many more would cancel their attendance. On friday evening quite a few super nice cars had already arrived at the hotel.

At the hotel on friday evening. Click to start the video!

edgeAt the hotel parking lot.

The Driving Tour

At the Driving Tour on saturday August 25th 45 Cadillacs attended. We drove from Kremsmünster to Feldkirchen where we had lunch at a very nice restaurant at the shores of a small lake.

At the restaurant parking lot. Click to start the video!


Super nice 1953 Eldorado at the driving tour.

We then continued our tour to Linz where the cars were displayed underneath an art museum where the cars drew a lot of attention.

Stop at the Lentos Museum in Linz

On the way back to Kremsmünster it started to rain heavily and it did not stop until sunday noon.

The Meeting on Sunday

Due to the bad weather we had far less Cadillacs in attendance this year. Lot of regular visitors stayed home as well.

There was still a great mood at the meeting with lots of spectacular Cadillacs attending.
Check out our vast image galleries of the Driving Tour and the Meeting on the Cadillac BIG Meet website to see some fantastic cars you wont see anywhere else.
We had a great time there and enjoyed meeting all these great Cadillac aficionados and admire their fantastic cars.

See you again August 22nd - 23rd 2020!

The special exhibition - 1967-1970 Eldoradoedge
Elvis Presleys 1972 Station Wagon.


The first time we had an ambulance at the show. Loved it very much!edge
Armin won Public Favorite and the 1951-1960 category with his 1953 Eldorado which he had been restoring to perfection during the last 12 years.

New TV Spot for the Cadillac BIG Meet 2018

Here is our new TV-Spot for the Cadillac BIG Meet 2018. Watch in HD!

The Cadillac BIG Meet returns to the Kremsegg Castle

The Cadillac BIG Meet will return to its original venue in 2018. The park of the Kremsegg Castle was completely renovated from 2016 to 2017 and we can once again host Europes BIGGEST Cadillac Meeting at this lovely venue. The organization team is looking forward to your visit!

The huge park of the Kremsegg Castle was completely remodeled.edge


Cadillac BIG Meet featured in the Swedish Magazine “Nostalgia“

Göran Ambell from Sweden visited the Cadillac BIG Meet 2016 and wrote a very nice 4 page article about it for the big Swedish magazine “Nostalgia“.
Göran was so kind to give us permission to share the article here. Click on the picture below to see the whole article with all the pages as a pdf file.edge

Cadillac BIG Meet 2016 on TV

The Cadillac BIG Meet 2016 was featured on 4 different TV stations in Austria.
Thank you very much to all the teams who did a great job, broadcasting these great reports!

You can see the reports below!


BTV - Mehr Region für Mich

The Cadillac BIG Meet Driving Tour 2016 from Mr Cadillac on Vimeo.



Enjoy watching them!

You can find many more videos about the Cadillac BIG Meet here on our website.
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