Corona Virus Information and Rules

The measures to contain the coronavirus in Austria have been eased, but a number of special safety measures apply. The „3G rule" (short for German “geimpft, getestet, genesen – vaccinated, tested, recovered“ ) is used to define low-risk groups in epidemiological terms. The „Green Pass“ confirms that you are tested, vaccinated or have recovered from Covid 19. Everyone over 6 years of age must comply with the 3G rule. This means that you can only enter the venue of the Cadillac BIG Meet and take part in the driving tour if you fulfil the "3G" rules. Also registration at the entrance is mandatory! Without this we have to reject participants and visitors unfortunately! Digital certificates can be used. (on your Smartphone for example!) 

The following rules apply if you have been vaccinated against Covid-19:
  • The first vaccination is valid under the 3G rule from the 22nd day for a maximum of three months, counted from the day of vaccination.
  • The second vaccination (booster shot) extends this period for  further 270 days .
  • If the vaccine you received requires no booster shot (e.g. Johnson & Johnson), the first vaccination is valid for the 3G rule from the 22nd day after the vaccination for a total of nine months. Again, the nine months are counted from the day of vaccination.
  • If you have recovered from Covid-19 and received your first vaccination, you are in the 3G group for nine months from the day of vaccination.
If you have recovered from Covid-19, you do not have to test for the virus for six months from the end of the infection. You need your quarantine order or a medical certificate from your doctor to prove you have recovered from the infection. A positive test for antibodies neutralising the virus is valid for three months from the date of testing.

Tests remain valid for different periods of time:
  • PCR tests are valid for 72 hours from the time of taking the sample.
  • Antigen tests carried out by an authorised body are valid for 48 hours from the time of taking the sample.
  • Antigen self tests are valid for 24 hours in Upper Austria.

The Driving Tour on the day before the Cadillac BIG Meet for registered participants. August 28th 2021. !!ATTENTION - THE DRIVING TOUR IS FULLY BOOKED!!

On Saturday before the Cadillac BIG Meet, the traditional driving tour is taking place.
We will have lunch during this tour and visit some interesting attraction along the route. The route is usually around 100 - 160 kilometers. There is a registration fee for the actual lunch and entrance fees which is usually around €35,- to 50,-. (Details will be announced soon)

Registration for this tour is obligatory . You can register by clicking here:


The 2021 Driving tour
Starting in Kremsmünster at 9:30am at the Hotel Schicklberg, we will drive in a very long Cadillac convoy towards towards our first destination.
We will have lunch there.
This page will be updated soon.
Here are some pictures to give you an idea what you can expect. More info on the driving tour can be found here:


07:00 PM Get Together at the Restaurant "Mostfassl" at the Hotel Schicklberg

After the cruising tour we will have dinner at the restaurant "Mostfassl" in the Hotel Schicklberg. If you are already in Kremsmünster on Saturday evening make sure to not miss this.

Program Sunday, August 29th 2021


10:00 am all doors open! -

  • Cadillacs of all years are very welcome. We are looking forward to meeting classic Cadillacs as well as owners of the most recent models!
  • Entry for Cadillacs is free of charge - Donations are appreciated very much.

  • Visitors are free - with a donation you can also take part in the lottery.

12:00 PM Livemusik with the Michael Fridrik Trio

One of Austria's best Boogie- and Bluesbands. They're from Upper Austria, living and rehearsing near Linz. All useful information in English can be found here.

01.00 pm Spotlight “ The Cadillac Coupés”

2021 we will have a special exhibition featuring "The Cadillac Coupés"

Besides the general Cadillac meeting - each year we have a special theme for the Cadillac BIG Meet, where we display the according cars on a special part of the venue.
This year the spotlight is on "The Cadillac Coupés where we want to feature all the fantastic Cadillac Coupés Cadillac built. We are looking forward to see lots of Coupe de Villes, Eldorados and Calais´!
If you want to participate in this years special show please let us know in advance so that we can plan this years exhibition accordingly.

A couple of the 1967 to 1968 Eldorados owned the organization team.

A special area of the venue will be reserved for this special presentation!

3:00pm Awards for the most beautiful Cadillacs

  • Expert jury: 3 trophies in 5 different categories. (up to 1950 / 1951-1960 / 1961-1970 / 1971 - 1979 / 1989 and up).
  • Public favorite: Visitors can vote for their favorite Cadillac
  • Cadillac Cruisers Trophy: the stars and "secret tips" of the Cadillac BIG Meet will get special trophies from the organisation team
  • 20 valuable trophies


Other Highlights

  • Cadillac-Service Winterwerber - the specialist for Cadillac parts in Europe
  • VIP-Parking für US-Cars and Classics directly on the venue!