Cadillac Milestone Cars

Spotlight “Cadillac Milestone Cars“

Besides the general Cadillac meeting - each year we have a special theme for the Cadillac BIG Meet, where we display the according cars on a special part of the venue.
This year the spotlight is on “Cadillac Milestone Cars“ where we want to feature special models which were a milestone for Cadillac for various reasons, like styling, technical achievements or other important factors for Cadillac as a marque.

If you own one or more cars on the list below and want to participate in this years special show please let us know in advance so that we can plan this years exhibition accordingly.
We started the list with 1941 but if you have an older car which you think is a Cadillac Milestone as well - feel free to let us know!

Here is the list of cars which will qualify for the special exhibition area on the venue:
For the “Cadillac Milestone Cars“ special exhibition we can only accept cars in original, very good condition! (for the meeting itself all Cadillacs of any kind are of course very welcome!)
If you click on the above list you can download it in higher resolution as a pdf file.


the area of the Kremsegg castle which is reserved for the special exhibition.